June van Hooff

June van Hooff Social media and communication manager. Capturing beautiful moments (in any way) is, in my opinion, one of the best things there is. I love to create, especially online. There are endless possibilities within social media and I really enjoy taking on these challenges as a social media manager. Every single day!

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I am twenty-three years old and born on the first of July. It's been the joke of my life; being named June and born on July 1. That doesn't mean I'm always 'late' though. I am a real summer lover. I hate winter (and the cold!). 

When I was twelve I started taking pictures and keeping a blog. My interest in social media arose from that and has always stayed with me. It is one of the reasons that I went to study Creative Business in Amsterdam.

During my studies, I was travelling in Mexico and I wanted to search for a nice place on Instagram (to check what was on their menu). It turned out you could not look them up online, which made me think. I thought I should do something with this. I walked around with that idea for two and a half years, and in the meantime, I lived in Spain (Valencia and Barcelona) for a year and finished my studies. In the summer of 2019, the time had come; I started a social media company.

I have been working at RKZ Real Estate for some time now. I enjoy working here. No day is the same as a social media manager at RKZ. The biggest challenge is (obviously) managing various socials and making the online picture exactly right.

And oh yes, I'm always in for a vacation! :)  

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