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Merel Luime A caring and enthusiastic team player who prefers to manage everything behind the scenes, someone who makes the other shine without a care in the world. A perfectionist, but one with room for spontaneity, because that's what makes life most exciting.

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For as long as I can remember I have been scrolling the internet looking for hidden gems on the housing market. As a nine-year-old little girl, I spent whole days looking at canal houses in Amsterdam with the budget set to unlimited. And I still do that, but with a more realistic budget for me. Which, to be honest, is less fun, let's be honest. For years I told my family and friends that I would move to Amsterdam, so when the time came five years ago, it came as no surprise to anyone. It also has something to do with 'self-will', which was there early on. One thing is for certain; I never want to leave... Dream 1: check.

I spent the first twenty years of my life in Hulst, a small fortified town in Zeeland. I studied marketing & communication, after which I further expanded my knowledge in Amsterdam with the Media, Information & Communication programme. Which was the perfect programme for me, I thought since I'm a talker (really). But of course, it is also a broad, good basis on which to build.

Besides doing the communication for RKZ Real Estate and being a permanent employee at the office, another wish has come true for me here. If you work with houses and interiors every day, and it is your guilty pleasure to cycle along the canals in the evening and peek inside, then it can only be that real estate is the perfect match, right?

In real estate, everything comes together for me. Looking for the perfect house, unburdening the seller and buyer and (not unimportantly) legally peeking into someone else's home. Win-win-win. Dream 2: another check.

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