Reggie Detering

Reggie Detering Assistant real estate agent, planner, marketer and family man. On weekdays or weekends, I combine all my functions 24/7! Selling, buying or renting? We'll take care of it.

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I am a true Amsterdammer who moved to Haarlem in 2000. As a sort of trendsetter one might say, as many Amsterdammers have followed me over the years. Sooo… You're welcome.

Partly due to my years of experience in the hospitality industry, I am a real people person. I think nothing is more rewarding than helping people find (housing) happiness. Selling their lovely home together with clients is also quite an experience. From photographing the house to the champagne when signing the (sales) contract. Nothing has to stand in our way of achieving your housing goal.

Thanks to my knowledge of marketing, houses of clients are never for sale for long. By using the right tools, I ensure that your home can be seen by every potential buyer. If you also want to buy another house at the same time, that is of course possible. Together we scan the housing market with great care and filter what does and does not meet the requirements. As soon as something tickles your fancy, we'll take a look. During that visit, I pay particular attention to the body language of my client. Once I see sparkling eyes, then I know there is interest. We'll talk about that, after which we'll make an offer!

Renting out is a completely different matter, but just as much fun. Everyone wants pleasant tenants, without fuss, hassle or doom and gloom? And that's exactly my goal. The selection starts during the viewings. Interested parties come to see if they want to rent the house, but I mainly check whether these are good candidates. That assessment can occasionally go wrong, but I luckily have the necessary experience to make sure that this will (hopefully) not happen!

My approach is short and sweet. Selling: time for a new home? No problem. How soon do you want to move? Buying: found your dream home? Why search any further? Let's make an offer! Renting out: you don't want random people in your house. That is why I speak to the potential tenant, after which we make the final decision together.

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