About us

Our story

RKZ is the first modern and innovative real estate agency in the Netherlands that was launched for the housing market of tomorrow. We are a team of young realtors who sell, buy and rent properties with passion and dedication. Innovatively and creatively, we ensure that our clients have a pleasant customer journey. To achieve all housing wishes and get the best result.

We achieve this with high-quality sales styling, stunning photos, property videos with a presenter, and the use of new media such as Instagram, Youtube and content via our blogs, vlogs, webinars or podcasts. We call it the new real estate. From our beautiful capital, Amsterdam, a team of seven no-nonsense realtors is at your disposal.

After all, it's not about us. We are good real estate agents and it is really nice to work with (or join) us. We are enthusiastic, creative and driven. And that's a nice bonus, but mostly incidental. What matters is what we can do for you: realise a successful sale or purchase!

RKZ is a modern, innovative and trendsetting real estate agency. We sell, buy and rent properties in a unique way. We are there for clients who are not looking for a traditional realtor. We don't follow trends, we set them!

By this, we mean that our realtors are also available after office hours and on weekends. We don't just place home advertisements but create our own content. We aren't smooth talkers, nor are we old-fashioned.

Online marketing, renting, selling and buying properties. That is our passion and our profession. RKZ is innovative, creative, online and inspiring. We are here to help you realise your (housing) wishes. We go for the very best result.

Are you looking for a modern and innovative agency? We are happy to tell you how we can help you!